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Hands-on Learning

The Power of Piezon Technology

Expand and acquire knowledge from experience regarding tip selection, working stroke, pressure and technique. Learn the “how” and “why” that will make the application on your next work day effortless.

  • Compare and contrast magnetostrictive and piezoelectric technology.

  • Identify pre-treatment safety considerations with power instrumentation.

  • Understand the role of ultrasonics in periodontal therapy

  • Review the expected therapeutic outcomes of debridement using piezo technology

  • Increased skills in tip choice, application and technique

  • Recognize the inefficiencies of worn piezon tips

  • Display increased effective and efficient skills of debridement using HU-FRIEDY EMS PIEZON® 

Conquering Biofilm with Ease

Interactive workshop provides you with the current sciences behind biofilm management. Experience some of the latest technologies to help you win the battle against subgingival biofilm.

  • Utilization of air polishing and piezoelectric scaling equipment

  • Application of supra and subgingival air polishing techniques

  • Characteristics and application for various air polishing powders

  • Implementation of air polishing therapy into your treatment protocol

  • Participants will leave the workshop with a sense of assurance and confidence in their approach to subgingival biofilm maintenance.

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