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Implant Lectures

Implant Survival:  It’s in Your Hands!

Arm yourself with the latest research and tools you need to educate clients on the importance of maintenance and self-care. Protect their implants and their investment.

  • Learn to take AIM – Assess, Identify and Monitor – as a critical part of implant care

  • Examine risk factors that can affect the success of implants and how to detect early problems such as implantitis

  • Understand the implications of implant-induced caries

  • Using an evidence-based approach and case studies, address why implants fail

  • Review implant maintenance protocols and how to develop a self-care program with systems and products to help combat implant failure

Conquering Biofilm on Implants

Discover the current science on biofilm management with Air Flow debridement; a comprehensive biofilm management modality aimed to dismantle biofilm communities.

  • Understand the basics of biofilm and its management

  • Apply assessment skills required to evaluate the health of the implant

  • Connect the role of airflow debridement to successful biofilm management

  • Implement evidence-based protocols and techniques for consistent thorough maintenance and client self-care to improve long term implant health

Dental Implants and the Process of Care
(Full/Half Day)

This session will focus on the application of how process of care applies to dental implants and empower decisions for providing quality care for clients.

  • Understand the consequences of edentulism

  • Assess and identify opportunities for dental implants

  • Recognize the type of implants and implant parts with prosthodontics options

  • Understand the value in applying the fundamentals of the process of care with therapeutic communication for short and long-term goal setting with clients

  • Apply assessment skills required to evaluate the pre-implant client

  • Identify risk factors that affect implant success

  • Understand the dental implant treatment planning process

  • Utilize evidence-based protocols for monitoring and maintaining dental implants

Inflammation, Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis:
The Clinical Management (Evening/Half-day)

Developing an evaluative sequence is critical in the identification of inflammation.  Problem solving is also a key component in managing our client’s oral condition.

  • Understand the similarities and differences of peri-implant and periodontal tissue

  • Examine and compare the clinical management protocols for treatment of teeth and implants

  • Develop critical thinking skills and strategies for complex treatment planning

  • Increase knowledge of innovative treatment modalities that will assist in the clinical management of your client

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