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Hello Anna Louise and ODHA!


Just watched your presentation on Serve, Preserve and Protect - a big thank you to you.  It was fabulous and full of application via all your useful tips.  I have always appreciated your pd and recommend your courses highly.  They have been some of the best pd I have experienced.  

A request to ODHA for the benefit of all hygienists, not to mention patients, more Anna Louise!

Lisa Burke


Anna Louise has the perfect mix enabling her to be a superb educator. As a well seasoned clinician committed to daily excellence, she intertwines the principles of quality care in a manner which can be integrated with ease into clinical practice. Her teaching style instills confidence in her attendees and elevates their enjoyment of the profession they have chosen.

‪Jo-Anne Jones‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬

RDH & Professional Speaker

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing some of your experience with me during your Mastery of Skills II seminar.  You provided me with many "wow" moments!! Philosophies and techniques that I would not have thought of if you had not presented them during the seminar.  Your practical tips, specific instruments and instrumentation techniques were amazing. The hands on experience has already transcended into practical application within our dental office.  I encourage you to continue to share your experience with our colleagues and look forward to Mastery of Skills III.

Thank you for igniting a passion and drive to do better within my hygiene mind!!


Patti Camillo


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